Tifereth Israel Celebrates Golden Anniversary


The synagogue and Hebrew school building that Tifereth Israel occupies was dedicated fifty years ago this Sunday, May 22nd. The two week-long dedication ceremony began on May 22, 1966 with a solemn processional led by elders of the congregation, transferring the sacred scrolls of the Torah from the old building to the new. Rabbi Bernard Ziskind and Cantor Charles Freedland led this procession.

On Monday May 23rd, there was a special tribute to local Boy and Girl Scouts, and especially the troops who had been sponsored by Tifereth Israel for the past 34 years. Delegations from other local units participated, and were present for a ribbon-cutting ceremony dedicating Scout Hall. Congressman Hastings Keith presenteMC26_1966_dedication001_1200pxd Tifereth Israel with an American Flag which had flown over the Capitol in Washington, DC. On Tuesday evening almost 600 guests witnessed a confirmation service for children of the Hebrew School.

On May 29th, 1966 the Rabbi Bernard H. Ziskind School of Judaism was dedicated, which included the unveiling of a plaque and portrait.  The Sunday evening social event was the gala banquet in the new Social Hall.  Special guests included Commonwealth of Massachusetts governor John A. Volpe, and New Bedford mayor Edward Harrington.  MC26_1966_dedication002_1200px

To conclude the two-week long dedication period, the synagogue held an open house on June 5 for the greater New Bedford community, which attracted nearly 3,000 visitors.

The Claire T. Carney Library Archives and Special Collections maintains the Archives of the Center for Jewish Culture, which includes many individual collections of papers and records documenting different organizations and institutions within the local Jewish community.  The records of Tifereth Israel are in MC 26.  Please contact Judy Farrar for access at jfarrar@umassd.edu.

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