Fortieth Anniversary of the Woods of Dartmouth

In early May of 1970 UMass Dartmouth was host to an outdoor music festival that attracted over 100,000 to the campus. The “Woods of Dartmouth,” modelled after Woodstock, was organized by students and was a great success, but ultimately lost money, despite ticket sales and high attendance. Bands that appeared were May 1st: Transition, Ides of March, Ten Wheel Drive, Rhinocerus, The Neptunes; May 2nd: Crosby, Stills, and Nash, The Jefferson Thomas Show, The Byrds, Country Funk, Transition, Street Scene, The Neptunes, Spring Flood, Eastern Sound Company, Federation Nyne, Tombstone Blues; May 3rd: Fleamarket, Guess Who, Manfred Mann, Orpheus, Street Scene, Grand Funk Railroad, Benefit Street. Tickets were $3.00 per day. The Red Skelton and Friends Show was at the Olympia theatre in New Bedford (for $3.00 extra). The concert site was the field by Cedar Dell Pond.  Photo courtesy of the New Bedford Standard Times.

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