Eisteddfod 2010

The Folk Music Society of New York, Inc. is proud to announce the seventh Festival of Traditional Music to be held in New York after a 40 year history of festivals in Pittsburgh and Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The 2010 Eisteddfod returns to the Hudson Valley for a second year after being held in New York City for the previous five years. Enjoy a fun-filled weekend of traditional folk/roots music. Meet 20 or more outstanding performers in 30 workshops and three concerts, plus an open mike, late night singing, a contra dance, and informal socializing, music making, and outdoor walks plus convenient hotel rooms, good food, an indoor pool, and more.

The festival features performers who are representatives of the living ethnic traditions, and performers who have become steeped in those traditions. It has programs ideal for the whole family, and provides a very rare chance in New York to hear such diverse, and such high quality, performers all in a single venue.

Information at: www.eisteddfod-ny.org. Online sales at: http://eisteddfod.eventbrite.com/
More Details will be forthcoming.

(The word “Eisteddfod” is Welsh. It connotes a gathering of poets and musicians, and there is a large Eisteddfod every year in Wales. The name was adopted by Howard Glasser, the founder of the American Eisteddfod, when he began these gatherings of singers and musicians four decades ago.)

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The Folk Music Society of New York, Inc. / New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational corporation, an affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society of America, and a member of the Folk Alliance. It is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the membership. It runs concerts, weekends, classes, singing parties, and get-togethers, all with an emphasis on traditional folk music of all flavors. Office: 444 West 54th St, #7, New York NY 10019; (718) 672-6399

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