1969 Library Groundbreaking

Below are images from a groundbreaking program in the University Archives and Special Collections. The “building” pictured is a scale model that is also in the care of the Archives, probably constructed (of cardboard) by Art Professor Theodore Mead. In 1969 the construction contract estimate was $8,067,517 to build a library for SMU. It went over this amount. It was originally referred to as the Library Communication Center because of the inclusion of 2 television studios. it is now named the Claire T. Carney Library. The LCC was designed with a seating capacity of 1,800 and shelves for 385,000 books, with an overall net square footage of 109,014. It was originally estimated to take 2 years to complete, however, occupancy did not occur until February of 1972. The campus community was invited to come in on March 13, 1972. 40 years ago the library was under construction, as it is today.

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