Campus Aerial Photo Documents a Moment in Time


This aerial photograph in the university’s photo archives documents a particular point in time in the evolution of the UMD campus in North Dartmouth.  But when?  The Group I building complex, upper left, is the only structure that is totally complete.  Now known as the Liberal Arts building, Group I was completed in the spring of 1966.  It was the site that same year of the first commencement on campus grounds, as well as the inauguration of President Joseph Driscoll, first SMTI/SMU/UMD president.  The large, staggered group of four buildings in the center is Group II, consisting of the three Science and Engineering Buildings, and the lecture halls.  Projecting off the back is the Textile Building, which, by the look of the roof, was complete at that time.  The other projection, the Violette Research building, is barely a foundation.  These buildings were all completed sometime in 1969; April for the SENG buildings and lecture halls, September for the Textile Building, and October for the Research Building.  Missing completely are the Foster Administration Building, the Library Communication Center, the Auditorium and Student Center, and CVPA (Group VI).  Ground was not broken on these projects until 1968, 1969, 1968 and 1975, respectively.  So when was this photo taken?  My guess would be 1968; summer, by the look of the trees.

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